Tips 25th March 2017

Brisbane Races
B R 11 h1 Acceptile 2. h2 Snitz 3.h4 Bold Xavvi 4. h13 Hi Lizzy
B R 2 1. h4 Magnatune 2. h2 Outraged 3. h5 Comacina 4. h6 Caillebotte
B R 3 1. 7 Let Me Say This 2. h1 Perilous Love 3. 3 Ercolano 4. h8 Royal Atom
B R 4 1.h3 Deconstructed 2. h4 Sheiswhatsheis 3. h7 Neuschwanstein 4. h11 War Baby
B R 5 1.h8 Nilette 2. h13 Candika 3. h7 Kuznetsova 4.h9 Trois Choix( FIRST LEG QUADDIE)
B R 6 1.h12 Queen Tara 2. h3 Privlaka 3. h4 Skylimit 4. h7 Fortini( SECOND LEG QUADDIE)
B R 7 1.h3 Jopa 2. h h14 Dream Finnish 3. h2 Flamboyer 4. h17 Craiglee Wandoo( THIRD LEG QUADDIE)
B R 8 1.h12 Flo Jo Snip 2. h13 Jetsonic 3. h15 KimNoir 4. h5 Chivadahli h2 Motion Granted( FOURTH LEG QUADDIE)
Sydney Races
S R 1 1.h10 Villa Carlotta 2. h2 Albuhim 3. h3 Astoria 4. h4 Marsupial
S R 2 1. h4 Jungle Edge 2. h3 Impending 3. h2 Danish Twist 4. h6 Sort After
S R 3 1.h3 Astronomos 2. h4 Classic Uniform 3. h8 Ambience 4. h5 Slow Pace
S R 4 1h5 Marenostro 2. h3 Kenjorwood 3. h4 Rudy 4.h8 Echo Effect
S R 51.h2 Jon Snow 2. hh1 Prized Icon 3. h6 Honeywine 4. h13 Noble Truth
S R 6 1.h8 Jameka 2. h2 Exosperic 3. h6 Humidor 4. h3 Who Shot Thebarman( FIRST LEG QUADDIE)
S R 7 1. h3 Harlow Gold 2. h1 La Bella Diosa 3. h3 Foxplay 4. h6 Smart As You Think (SECOND LEG QUADDIE)
S R 8 1. h3 Zanbagh 2. h5 Rocket Commander 3. h9 Extensible 4.h12 Anisha(THIRD LEG QUADDIE)
S R 9 1.h3 Mr. Individual 2. h8 Bring Luck 3. h7 Voilier 4. h1 Handfast(FOURTH LEG QUADDIE)
Melbourne Races
M R 1 1h1 Aunty Mo 2. h5 Schism 3. 7 Certain Elle 4. h2 Pink Purrfection
M R 2 1. h2 Sullivan Bay 2. h1 Stylish Miss 3. h5 Miles Of Krishan 4.h6 Weather The Storm
M R 3 1.h5 Golden Mane 2. h1 Angelology 3. h5 Golden Mane 4. h9 Snitzelwood
M R 4 1.h2 Toga Picta 2. h1 Eshtiraak 3. h4 Sheer Madness 4. h8 Il Divo
M R 5 1. h1 Strike Force 2. h4 Rising Hope 3. h8 Penninsula Boy 4. h5 Magnus Slipper
M R 6 h12 Inspector 2. h3 Reldas 3. h8 Well Sprung 4. h4 Secret Agenda(FIRST LEG QUADDIE)
M R 7 1. h7 Big Memory 2. h2 Tally 3. h5 Annus Mirabilis 4 h3 The Gold TrailSECOND LEG QUADDIE)
M R 8 1.h1 Cliffhanger 2. h10 Florida Keys 3. h3 Odeon 4. h2 Lord Macau THIRD LEG QUADDIE)
M R 91.h3 Moss ‘N’Dale 2. h10 Maternal 3. h6 Belesron 4. h1 Just Magical)(FOURTH LEG QUADDIE)

BR4 H3 Deconstructed, SR 3 H3 Astronomos, SR8 H3 Zanbagh

BR5 H8 Nilette, BR8 H12 Flo Jo Snip

  MR6 H12 Inspector

Doomben Heavy Track, Rosehill Heavy Track, Mornington Good Track. Best Bets; Doomben race 4 Deconstructed($6.50) we are hoping he settles a little closer today on the very heavy conditions, he is in great form this time in. There is a bit of pace in this race with Sheiswhatsheis and Venecia both like taking it up so he might just finish over the top of them. Rosehill race 3 Astronomos($2.60) what can we say this horse is with out a doubt one of the best wet trackers we have seen in a while and has a touch of class. Rosehill race 8 Zanbagh($8.50) this mare loves wet conditions, she tends to race closer to the speed in heavy conditions which is a must against this field of quality mares. She is classy at her best and we expect her to be right in the finish. Best Eachway; Nilette($9) this mare is a peach second up and she likes to get right up on the speed and from gate 1 she might even take control and if she does it just might be the end of the section. This is her pet distance. Mornington race 6 Inspector($12) this horse is racing particularly well in Group company last start in the Newmarket he got a long way back made a run got tightened up a fraction but finished 3L from the winner. He loves the track and distance and although he will get back we expect him to be in the thick of things as thy reach the line. Best longshot; Doomben race 8 Flo Jo Snip($12) who knows what the track will be like then, we expect Lloyd to slingshot this mare straight to the lead, weighted nicely here she might just hold on. Be mindful of two things today 1. they raced at Doomben on Wednesday and the track was chopped up severely from centre to the outside so the rail is back to near true position today(0.5m). 2. Rosehill today they have received a lot of rain during the week just be wary of any upgrades (HEAVY9 THIS MORN) . Huge fields at all venues again today chock full of chances(Doomben fields have been decimated by scratchings) but we think we might have pin pointed some great value chances and lets hope the exotic playes get amongst it today as there has been some massive divis the last two weeks. Before we go the filly La Bella Diosa although we haven’t got her on top in the Vinery(2nd) forget she went around last start as she suffered respiratory problems, we have Harlow Gold on top who we thought was a tad unlucky last start maybe they will fight out the finish. On that note have a great weekend and GOOD LUCK to all horsebuck$ followers. HORSEBUCK$

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