Tips 18th March 2017

Brisbane Races
B R 11 h7 Miss Exfactor 2. h4 Shogun Sun 3. h3 Maharni 4. h6 Alpine King
B R 2 1h1 Kararkabeel 2. h2 King Red 3. h3 Mr. Spin 4. h7 Lieder
B R 3 1. h7 Spirit Of Kiowa 2. h9 Outstrip 3. h6 Three Points 4. h1 Magnatune
B R 4 1.h6 Dylan’s Luck 2. h5 Thomas The Tank 3. h2 Sassy Tycoon 4. h15 Hidden Light
B R 5 1. h12 Slydini 2. h3 Neuschwanstein 3. h8 Delightful Feeling 4. h17 War Baby( FIRST LEG QUADDIE)
B R 6 1. h5 Colour Charge 2. h3 Shoreham 3. h7 Friendly Dragon 4. h8 Hudson County, H9 Fast Arrow( SECOND LEG QUADDIE)
B R 7 1.h1 Sir Moments 2. h4 Jopa 3. h2 Flamboyer 4. h6 Aldini( THIRD LEG QUADDIE)
B R 8 1.h9 Beaudacious 2. h1 Tyzone 3. h8 Our Beebee 4. h6 Bold Shot ( FOURTH LEG QUADDIE)
Sydney Races
S R 1 1. h1 Allergic 2. h2 Kinema 3. h3 Big Duke 4. h7 Paragon
S R 2 1. h6 Raiment 2. h8 Samantha 3. h 4. h3 Heiroglyphics
S R 3 1. h1 Tactical Advantage 2. h6 My Country 3. h4 Crafty Cop 4. h8 Star Of Monsoon
S R 4 1. hh1 Hartnell 2. h3 Stratum Star 3. h7 Antonio Guiseppe 4. h5 The United States
S R 51. h8 WINX 2. h1 Chautauqua 3. h2 Le Romain 4. h3 Hauraki
S R 6 1. h4 Inference 2. h2 Gingernuts 3. h1 Prized Icon 4. (h8 Sizzling Bullet,h10 Land Of Plenty) FIRST LEG QUADDIE
S R 7 1. h15 Houtzen 2. h9 Catchy 3. h2 Veranillo 4. h4 Single Bullet (SECOND LEG QUADDIE)
S R 8 1. h1 Music Magnate 2. h7 Heatherly 3. h12 Russian Revolution 4. h6 Redzel (THIRD LEG QUADDIE)
S R 9 1. h4 Alegria 2. h2 Elle Lou 3. h3 Gabella 4. h6 Song And Laughter(FOURTH LEG QUADDIE)
SR101. h6 Rock On Zariz 2. h13 Pomela 3. h4 Machinegun Jubs 4. (h17 The Wasp,h2 Oscar’s Choice)
Melbourne Races
M R 1 1.h9 Lake Como 2. h3 Shakespearean Lass 3. h6 Invincible Heart 4. h1 Kaniana
M R 2 1.h3 Theanswermyfriend 2. h7 Bastille 3. h1 Trenchant 4. h4 Wazzanme
M R 3 1.h7 Leotie 2. h2 Brugal Reward 3. h1 Sword Of Light 4. h4 Concealer
M R 4 1. h3 Ploverset 2. h4 Garrard 3. h2 Time Awaits 4. h1 Arctic Angel
M R 5 1h2 Palentino 2. h3 He Or She 3. h5 Real Love
M R 6 1h1 Hursley 2. h11 Wheal Leisure 3. h6 Waxing 4. h7 Gervais(FIRST LEG QUADDIE)
M R 7 1. h4 Rich Charm 2. h3 Boomwaa 3. h9 Sword Of Justice 4. (h1 Lord Barrington,h2 Staviva)(SECOND LEG QUADDIE)
M R 8 1h9 Zebrinz 2. h5 Hazzabeel 3. h7 Jessy Belle 4. h6 Hellova Street(THIRD LEG QUADDIE)
M R 91.h4 Aurum Spirit 2. h7 Portman 3. h1 Bradman 4. (h8 Super Haze, h13 I Boogie)(FOURTH LEG QUADDIE)

BR8 H9 Beaudacious, MR5 H2 Palentino, SR10 H6 Rock On Zariz

BR3 H7 Spirit Of Kiowa, MR7 H4 Rich Charm, MR8 H9 Zebrinz

 MR9 H4 Aurum Spirit

Gold Coast Soft Track, Rosehill Heavy Track, Flemington Good Track. Best Bets;Gold Coast race 8 Beaudacious($9.50), missed the start first up and got a long way back flew home for second, if she jumps cleanly she will be right up on the speed a bonus at this venue. Super hard to beat. Rosehill race 10 Rock On Zariz($15) this mare is crazy odds she ticks a lot of boxes here, loves the mud and distance has won first up and drawn to get a little closer than normal ,being fresh.We expect her to be right in the finish. Flemingto race 5 Palentino($2.80) we think this fellow can upstage his stablemate Tosen Stardom($1.80) he has a much better record than T/S over this trip, he will finish over the top of them.Best Eachway; Gold Coast race 3 Spirit Of Kiowa($13) this horse is in great form and she will put herself right up on the pace, going up in grade but its not overly strong and she is trained by the very astute Rex Lipp. With only 51kgs expect her to be there when the whips are cracking. Flemington race 7 Rich Charm($7) loves the straight and this is his pet distance, he will settle back but watch him steaming home late. a bonus with this horse is he has had a nice break since his last run. Flemington race 8 Zebrinz($9.50) he comes out of a strong race last start(G3) and only beaten .8L and only goes up a kilo, he will settlle mid field and should get a good run from gate 6, he will be coming hard at the finish. Best Longshot; Aurum Star we know he is hard to catch, but this is the type of race that should suit him, he will be a mile back into the straight, he can unleash and at $35 we really think he is worth a play. We do have a few more horses than normal in our Best Bets but the odds on them are too good to refuse. The track at Rosehill is very heavy and the Coast has had its share of rain but they have come up with a soft 7. Also you will notice that some races we have five selections even with a best selection this is for the first four players or quaddies, as outside of our best they are wide open. A cracking days racing with big fields which gives us plenty of value. Enjoy your weekend and GOOD LUCK to all horsebuck$ followers. HORSEBUCK$

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