Tips 11th March 2017

Brisbane Races
B R 11 h3 Hi Son 2. h6 Morendi 3. h2 Outraged 4. h8 Surface Tension
B R 2 1.h5 Lady Lark 2. h2 Pah Terie 3. h1 Legadema 4. h6 Pinch Passion
B R 3 1h4 Pinch River 2. h3 Londehero 3. h6 Divine Centauri 4. h1 Steel Zip
B R 4 1. h7 Up The Tempo 2. h1 Ahndras 3. h4 Captain’s Way 4. h2 Shock Alert
B R 5 1. h9 Old Habits 2. h2 Sheiswhatsheis 3. h3 Time To Torque 4. h11 Captain Hussey ( FIRST LEG QUADDIE)
B R 6 1h2 Jopa 2. h1 Rudy 3. h4 Aldini 4. h3 Siegfried( SECOND LEG QUADDIE)
B R 7 1. h7 Forbidden Kisses 2. h9 La Dolce Vita 3. h1 Heroism 4. h2 It’s Vegas Baby( THIRD LEG QUADDIE)
B R 8 1. h4 Fortini 2. h12 Vienna Royale 3. h13 Courtza King 4. h6 I’m Alone, h11 Sunny Victory( FOURTH LEG QUADDIE)
Sydney Races
S R 1 1. h2Extensible 2. h7 Fly Forward 3. h1 Torgenson
S R 2 1. h1 Dothraki 2. h4 Palazzio Pubblico 3. h2 Ball Of Muscle 4. h5 Zelady’s Night Out
S R 3 1h1 Ducimus 2. h4 Albumin 3. h6 All Too Huying 4. h5 Condor Heroes
S R 4 1.h1 Tulip 2. h3 Sweet Deal 3. h10 Could You Be Loved 4. h2 Exceeds
S R 51.h5 Libran 2. h9 Antonio Guiseppi 3. h6 Lasquetti Spirit 4. h8 Allergic
S R 6 1 h9 Foxplay 2. h3 Into Orbit 3. h2 Bezel 4. H13 Zenalicious( FIRST LEG QUADDIE)
S R 7 1.h7 La Bella Diosa 2. h11 Euro Angel 3. h1 First Seal 4. h3 In Her Time, h4 Global Glamour ( SECOND LEG QUADDIE)
S R 8 1. h1 It’s Somewhat 2. h6 Cylinder Beach 3. h2 Arod 4. h3 He’s Our Rokkii ( THIRD LEG QUADDIE)
S R 9 1h5 Hogmanay 2. h4 Veladero 3. h3 Cauthen’s Power 4. h9 More Energy ( FOURTH LEG QUADDIE)
Melbourne Races
M R 1 1.h10 Battlecamp 2. h7 Dusty Jack 3. h3 The New Boy 4. h5 Dubio
M R 2 1.h10 Hursley 2. h3 Hipparchus 3. h6 Dodging Bullets 4. h1 Aloft
M R 3 1. h4 Barthelona 2. h6 Matty 3. h2 Ken’s Dream 4. h1 Sweet Sherry
M R 4 1.h6 Feng Chu 2. h3 Eshtiraak 3. h5 Groundbreak 4. Sircconi
M R 5 1.h2 I Am A Star 2. h5 Oregon’s Day 3. h3 Ellicazoom 4. h8 Franonard
M R 6 1.h15 Sebring Dream 2. h4 Nurse Kitchen 3. h1 Miss Rose De Lago 4. h16 Smart As You Think (FIRST LEG QUADDIE)
M R 7 1. h1 Terravista 2. h4 Sheidel 3. h8 Tivaci 4. h2 Spieth, The Quarterback(SECOND LEG QUADDIE)
M R 8 1.h1 Stratum Star 2. h5 Ecuador 3. h11 Jameka 4. h7 Tally(THIRD LEG QUADDIE)
M R 91.h13 Runsati 2. h2 Shaf 3. h10 Sunday Escape 4. h12 Rocket Tommy (FOURTH LEG QUADDIE)

 BR7 H7 Forbidden Kisses, SR 4 H1 Tulip,MR8 H1 Stratum Star

MR7 H1 Terravista

 MR4 H6 Feng Chu

Doomben Good Track, Rosehill Soft Track, Flemington Good Track. Best Bets; Doomben race 7 Forbidden Kisses($7) very consistent mare around this class, a strong win last start in a mid week class2 had the run of the race that day and bolted in, we envisage she will get a similar run again and prove too strong. Rosehill race 4 Tulip($5) a very good filly who ran a cracking race in the Blue Diamond, she is bred to handle soft conditions, a tricky barrier to contend with but she has the services of the in form McEvoy to counteract that. She will be there when the whips are cracking or she might just prove too good. Stratum Star($6.50) what can you say he just keeps winning, in the Group 1 Australian Cup he meets the same horses he beat fair and square last start, he will get nearly the same run again from his gate2. He is super fit and when he strikes the lead at the distance it will take a good finish to beat him. Best Eachway; Terravista ($12) we think these odds are crazy this grand sprinter showed them all how to do it last start. pinged to the line to win the G1 Lightning running the last 600m in a sizzling 32.3secs, the faster they stretch that last 600 the better he likes it. Super chance again. Best Longshot; Flemington race 4 Feng Chu ($17) yet to win but has run some really nice races behind some good quality horses, this is a Group 2 but we think the 1400m is going to suit him and David Hayes is a master at setting horses for particular races under the radar. This horse will chase home the entire straight. Super hard day with plenty of big fields especially in the main quaddie legs. The Coolmore is a cracking race with a lot of chances with the speed in the race drawn wide, we think the Kiwi mare La Bella Diosa might just show her win in the heavy was no fluke. We had an outstanding day last Saturday with two more Group1 selections successful and lots of exotics lets keep the trend going, on that note everyone have a great weekend and GOOD LUCK to all horsebuck$ followers. HORSEBUCK$

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