Tips 4th March 2017

Brisbane Races
B R 11 h1 Morendi 2. h6 Three Points 3. h8 Scarlet Poet 4. h7 Peppa Jelly
B R 2 1.h1 Hi I’m Back 2. h2 Ice Bucket 3. h3 Manaya 4. h4 Limerick Moon
B R 3 1.h1 Houtzen 2. h4 Acceptile 3. h2 Paradis Imperial 4. h6 Ellersley
pB R 4 1h8 Lieder 2. h5 Geometrist 3. h7 La Cigale 4. h11 Eight Below
B R 5 1. h7 Dream Finnish 2. h3 Divine Service 3. h8 Fiery Heights 4. h1 Flamboyer ( FIRST LEG QUADDIE)
B R 6 1. h9 Beaudacious 2. h4 French Jet 3. h5 I’ve Gotta Nel 4. h11 Our Beebee ( SECOND LEG QUADDIE)
B R 7 1h8 Hudson County 2. h5 Colour Charge 3. h4 Beatniks 4. h6 Friendly Dragon ( THIRD LEG QUADDIE)
B R 8 1. h3 Deconstructed 2. h1 Dee Nine Elle 3. h8 Passionflower 4. h2 Brazen Moss ( FOURTH LEG QUADDIE)
Sydney Races
S R 1 1. h2 She Will Reign 2. h3 Frolic 3. h7 Villa Carlotta 4. h8 She’s On Que
S R 2 1h2 Veranillo 2. h6 Menari 3. h4 Invader 4. h12 Gunnison
S R 3 1.h1 Scarlet Rain 2. h6 Glenall 3. h4 Super Maxi 4. h9 Samantha
S R 4 1.h8 Alucinari 2. h4 Rocket Commander 3. h6 Heiroglyphics 4. h1 Nancy
S R 51. h5 Japonisme 2. h1 Chautauqua 3. h4 Music Magnate 4. h2 Le Romain
S R 6 1h2 Redzel 2. h1 Ball Of Muscle 3. h10 Kentucky Miss 4. h6 Jungle Edge( FIRST LEG QUADDIE)
S R 7 1. h3 Inference 2. h2 Man From Uncle 3. h5 Comin’Through 4. h6 Acatour ( SECOND LEG QUADDIE)
S R 8 1. h5 Tsaritsa 2. h3 Alegria 3. h1 Ambience 4. h10 Chaquinta, h11 Top Of My List( THIRD LEG QUADDIE)
S R 9 1. h6 Astronomos 2. h1 Allergic 3. h2 Kinema 4. h9 Shalmaneser( FOURTH LEG QUADDIE)
Melbourne Races
M R 1 1. h4 Pink Purrfection 2. h1 Catch A Fire 3. h3 Sword Of Light 4. h2 Miss Rock
M R 2 1.h3 Husson Eagle 2. h2 Heatherly 3. h1 Charmed Harmony 4. h4 Reldas
M R 3 1.h1 Madeenaty 2. h4 Seized 3. h13 Ploverset 4. h2 Can’t Remember
M R 4 1. h8 Portman 2. h3 Divine Mr. Artie 3. h5 Show A Star 4. h4 Liapari
M R 5 1. h8 Diamond Baroness 2. h5 Choose 3. h10 Turbo Miss 4. h3 Rising Romance
M R 6 1.h8 Sadaqa 2. h6 Zebrinz 3. h5 Grande Rosso 4. h4 Charlie Boy (FIRST LEG QUADDIE)
M R 7 1h4 Hey Doc 2. h2 Divine Prophet 3. h14 Harlow Gold 4. h1 Prized Icon,h10 Throssell (SECOND LEG QUADDIE)
M R 8 1.h3 Northwest Passage 2. h2 Big Memory 3. h9 Annus Mirablis 4. h4 De Little Engine (THIRD LEG QUADDIE)
M R 91.h2 Knowable 2. h3 Theanswermyfriend 3. h5 Kaching 4. h13 Gunn Island (FOURTH LEG QUADDIE)

 SR6 H2 Redzel, MR5 H8 Diamond Baroness

 BR6 H9 Beaudacious

 SR5 H5 Japonisme

Eagle Farm track good, Randwick track heavy, Flemington track good. Best Bets; Randwick race 6 Redzel this horse was in outstanding form last prep, had a win over Terravista at his last start before a spell. Has drawn the outside but has the pace to get across, on a heavy track not such a concern, he will get the better of Ball Of Muscle at the 100m. Flemington race 5 Diamond Baroness she will go forward as usual and get a great run from her draw, she is going up in class to a Group3, but it is not a quantum leap by any stretch, she drops 3.5kgs and is super consistent, she will be there when the whips are cracking. Best Eachway; Eagle Farm race 6 Beaudacious this filly can lead or take a sit, drawn beautifully, we actually hope she leads then it could be game over, great each way chance at $13. Best Longshot; Japonisme($17) ,this horse is a very good galloper and in our opinion is a wet tracker of the highest quality, a proven group 1 horse. First up over 1300m we think they should all be looking out for him at the finish. Inference was one of our best at it’s last start, ran home well without really threatning, today will be a different story. Randwick is very heavy today so serious wet trackers are the go. We had a big day last week with regards the Quaddies getting all three up , so lets get our best bets back on track after a short lull. On that note we hope everyone has a great weekend and GOOD LUCK to all horsebuck$ followers. HORSEBUCK$

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