Tips 18th February 2017

Brisbane Races
B R 11. h1 Paradis Imperial 2. h2 Acceptile 3. h9 Royal Myth 4. h10 Hi My Girl
B R 2 1. h3 Morendi 2. h5 Court’s Star 3. h4 Walhaan 4. h7 Three Points
B R 3 1.h2 Upstart Pride 2. h4 Divine Service 3. h3 Rocky King 4. h1 Too Good To Refuse
pB R 4 1.h13 The Equaliser 2. h7 Revitalise 3. h5 Raffinato 4. h3 Miss Ba Bella
B R 5 1.10 Lieder 2. h3 Emveepee 3. h9 La Cigale 4. h15 Candika
B R 6 1. h9 Hudson County 2. h4 Colour Page 3. h1 Sky Kingdom 4. h6 Binalong Road( Sabkhat)
B R 7 1. H6 Hi I’m Back 2. h4 Just A Bullet 3. h3 Sky Limit 4. h10 Our Lady Mac
B R 8 1.H1 Oink 2. h18 Niccanova 3. h7 Sylpheed 4. h2 Royal Tithe
Sydney Races
S R 1 1. h1 Scarlet Rain 2. h3 Spending To Win 3. h4 Ebonos 4. h2 Tactical Advantage
S R 2 1. h2 Handfast 2. h4 Voilier 3. h6 Queen Of Wands 4. h5 Roaring To Win
S R 3 1. h2 Antonio Giuseppi 2. h5 Allegria 3. h1 Strawberry Boy 4. h8 Tower Of Song
S R 4 1. h3 Korringal Star 2. h10 Greenback Boogie 3. h2 Aristograts 4. h5 Zakynthos Regrets
S R 51.h5 She Will Reign 2. h1 Veranillo 3. h2 Khan 4. h3 Showtime
S R 6 1. h2 Inference 2. h6 Acatour 3. h1 Prized Icon 4. h3 Veladero
S R 7 1. h8 Private Secretary 2. h3 French Emotion 3. h13 Daysee Doom 4. h7 Euro Angel ( SECOND LEG QUADDIE)
S R 8 1. h2 Religify 2. h1 Red Excitement 3. h3 Alllergic 4. h9 Classic Uniform ( THIRD LEG QUADDIE)
S R 9 1. h2 Princefamous 2. h1 Decision Time 3. h9 Alucinari 4. h3 Heart Testa ( FOURTH LEG QUADDIE)
Melbourne Races
M R 1 1. h3 Ample To Offer 2. h5 Diamond Baroness 3. h8 Ma Jones 4. h7 Fast Approaching
M R 2 1.h8 Sadaqa 2. h4 Self Sense 3. h3 Duke Of Brunswick 4. h1 Charlie Boy
M R 3 1. h1 Churchill Dancer 2. h8 So Si Bon 3. h9 Boomwaa 4. h5 Well Sprung
M R 4 1. h9 Time Awaits 2. h1 Taking Aim 3. h3 Ducimus 4. h8 Sustained Decision
M R 5 1. h1 Legless Veuve 2. h2 Nurse Kitchen 3. h3 Harlow Gold 4. h4 Extra Olives
M R 6 1. h3 Hey Doc 2. h2 Morton’s Fork 3. h5 Throssell 4. h6 Inside Agent
M R 7 1.h3 Dodging Bullets 2. h7 Hursley 3. h1 Cadillac Mountain 4. h9 Post D’france
M R 8 1. h1 Terravista 2. h7 Spieth 3. h8 Supido 4. h10 Heatherly (h5 Illustrious Lad)
M R 91. h2 Entre Nous 2. h12 Gervais 3. h9 O’lonera 4. h6 Adirondack

BR6 H9 Hudson County, SR7 H8 Private Secretary, MR3 H1 Churchill Dancer

SR6 H2 Inference, MR9 H2 Entre Nous

BR 5 H10 Lieder

Eagle Farm Good Track, Rosehill Good Track, Flemington Good Track. Best Bets; Eagle Farm race 6 Hudson County($4.80) this is a perfect race for this horse, he is drawn beautifully to either lead or take a sit has a postage stamp on his back (51kgs) we expect him to go one better than last start. Private Secretary ($8) Rosehill race 7 she is a super consistent mare which is surprising considering her racing pattern, she runs her best races fresh and she is coming off a 5 week freshen, watch for her late she will be steaming home out wide. Flemington race 3 Churchill Dancer($8) not badly in here with 58.5kgs this fellow has raced in much better grade than this with success, relishes this distance we expect him to sit on the speed and prove too good. Best Eachway Rosehill race 6 Inference ($10) this is a serious racehorse and is a pistol fresh, he will settle off them and charge at the 200m, make no mistake this is a hot field, hence the price, he will be there when the whips are cracking. Flemington race 9 Entres Nous ($12) second up this horse flies we think the 1700m will suit him as he likes to settle midfield at his last appearance he was very unlucky and probably should have got the chocolates, barrier 13 is the only negative but when he gets in (not if) he is in this race right up to his ears. Best Longshot Eagle Farm race 5 Lieder($15) he had a wrap on him when trained in Sydney, had a good win at the Sunny Coast last start and from gate 2 should get a beautiful run. He is usually consistent after a couple of runs in , but he has struck form early this time, we think he will go on with it. NOTE: Rosehill has been posted a soft6 this morning as we did form for good, but we have gone through our form again and all our selections seem to be able to handle both so no excuses. Three horses from last week firstly Divine Prophet forget he went around he was very roly poly in the yard, Peacock we also thought looked a little big, thats not an excuse just an observation. Chautauqua looked above himself again not quite as burly as last spring but did race like a horse looking for further, we hope they do start him in the Doncaster. Horsebuck$ members will have noticed that we didn‘t publish the tips in the results section last week, only horsebuck$ roundup. We will be keeping this section for members only as we do put information in there with regards to future horses and also our BEST BETS, EACHWAY and LONGSHOTS if they are not successful on the day a lot of times are winners at their very next start, usually at venues we don’t analise, so we will be keeping an eye on meetings other than our normal Saturdays and include them in our pre race comments. We know there are members out there who would already be keeping an eye out for these, they are usually horses that are dropping back in class or significantly in weight. Just of late we have had Sullivans Bay($5), Dee Nine Elle ($3.80), Marau Daze ($4.60) and even Barthelona at the Valley last night ran a much improved race for third ($1.60 place) and there has been more over time. In the near future we will be looking at letting members sign up for longer periods like 6monthly or annually we will keep you posted on this. So from us here at horsebuck$ enjoy your weekend and GOOD LUCK to all horsebuck$ followers. HORSEBUCK$

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