Tips 11th February 2017

Brisbane Races
B R 11. h3 South Of France 2. h4 Lady Lark 3. h5 Pinch Passion 4. h10 Ruby Red Heart
B R 2 1. h3 Yoho 2. h6 Outraged 3. h5 Arki 4. h8 Annaman
B R 3 1. h3 Shigeru Mountain 2. h12 We’s Done 3. h4 Tarzan 4. h8 Royal Hootenanny
pB R 4 1. h1 Ringo’s A Rockstar 2. h4 Anndras 3. h6 Up The Tempo 4. h8 Don’t Doubt da Wife
B R 5 1. h7 Silento 2. h11 Real Ego 3. h3 Havasay 4. 4 Motion Granted
B R 6 1. h5 Magazine Miss 2. h7 Gypsy Secret 3. h4 Passionflower 4. h8 Kim Noir, h14 Peking Road
B R 7 1. h6 Marksfield 2. h10 Moment Of Impact 3. h1 Court Clown 4. h9 Heralocity
B R 8 1. h1 Jopa h4 Choice Bro 3. 5 Mirt The Flirt 4. h10 Siegfried
B R 91. h3 Oberland 2. h8 Fiery Heights 3. h1 Suspense 4. h4 Profiler
Sydney Races
S R 1 1. h9 Liapari 2. h3 Astronomos 3. h4 Invinzabeel 4. h1 Savvy Nature
S R 2 1. h8 Bill’s A Goodie 2. h3 Circle Game 3. h5 Backhouse Billy 4. h10 Super Force
S R 3 1. h4 Regal Monarch 2. h3 Admiral Jello 3. h5 Burning Energy 4. h9 Zatopaz
S R 4 1. 4 Ultramarine 2. h8 Sweet Deal 3. h7 Frolic 4. h5 San Marco
S R 51. h1 Le Romain 2. h2 Dothraki 3. h4 Snippets Land 4. h3 Big Money
S R 6 1. h11 WINX 2. Hartnell 3. h4 Libran 4. h5 Dibayani
S R 7 1. h11 Sezanne 2. h3 First Approval 3. h4 Royal Navy 4. h11 Invincible Gem
S R 8 1. h1 Global Glamour 2. h2 Spright 3. h3 Foxplay 4. h4 French Fern
S R 9 1. h6 Shillelagh 2. h1 Dixie Blossoms 3. h2 Pearls 4. h10 Zestful
S R 10 1. h6 Hanwritten 2. h7 Dupe’Em 3. h15 Barood 4, h1 Mersault
Melbourne Races
M R 1 1. h2 Refulgent 2. h6 Hipparchus 3. h4 Nozomi 4. h11 Prima
M R 2 1. h2 Peacock 2. h1 Attention 3. h4 Snitzon 4. h5 Ruthven
M R 3 1. h3 Catchy 2. h1 Limestone 3. h2 Artic Angel 4. h4 Roomooz
M R 4 1. h2 Property 2. h1 Azazel 3. h4 Pariah 4. h3 Wait For No One
M R 5 1. h4 Fuhryk 2. h1 Jennifer Lynne 3. h6 Navagio 4. h13 Unique Lovely
M R 6 1. h1 Chautauqua 2. h8 I Am A Star 3. h6 Super Cash 4. h4 Wild Rain
M R 7 1. h12 Divine Prophet 2. h8 Ecuador 3. h1 Black Heart Bart 4. h9 He’s Our Rokkii
M R 8 1. h3 Pilote Déssai 2. h2 Burning Front 3. h5 Grande Russo 4. h6 Humidor, h7 Mourinho
M R 91. h1 Silent Sedition 2. h2 Abbey Marie 3. h9 Prussian Vixen 4. h3 Thames Court

BR9 H3 Oberland,  SR5 H1 Le Romain, MR1 H2 Refulgent, MR2 H2 Peacock

BR8 h1 Jopa , MR7 H12 Divine Prophet

BR 5 H7 Silento

Doomben Good Track, Randwick Good Track, Caulkfield Good Track. Beat Bets; Doomben race 9 Oberland ($4.20) a very promising galloper who will settle midfield, this fellow is just rocking through his grades and with an ounce of luck should see him get another win on the board. Le Romain($6.50) at Randwick (Monday) this horse is a Group 1 winner hence the 61kgs do we think this will stop him NO, he loves to race fresh and possie up behind the leader or he may even take it up as there is no natural leader here, if he does Bowman can dictate with the big weight, he is one tough nut to crack once he finds the lead. Refulgent($5.50) race 1 Caulfield, there seems to be a set against this horse, he is on the limit here after the claim which is an absolute luxury for this galloper. With Prima and Our Bottino in this race he should get a gun run from gate 1 he just might be able to quicken a little better with his light weight. Peacock($5) race 2 Caulfield we have always thought this horse is pretty good, he goes off second up, we did a little article on him after his first up run in the Australia stakes on how he was just getting to the line nicely and watch out next start, well here it is we would be very surprised if he is not smiling for the camera at the finish. Best Each Way; Doomben race 8 Jopa the old boy might get away with this one first up he is an absolute track and distance specialist, this race is devoid of horses that actually like the 1350m here (not 1400m as some guides have it) if he is anywhere near them at the 100m he is the one i want to be on. Divine Prophet in the C.F.Orr stks. this horse is a serious racehorse he will get back midfield but they should be rolling up front with Turn Me Loose and Ecuador on his hammer making it a truly run affair, Ecuador if he hits the front in the straight will be hard to run down but Divine Prophet’s class will tell in the end. Our Longshot is Silento in BR5, in the Brisbane meeting today there are horses from everywhere North Qld. and the Northern Rivers so to go for horses that are adept to the conditions and this bloke fills that category forget his last run over 2020m much better suited here and he has had a freshen up another bonus, the last five races this horse has contested there has been a stack of winners come from them (21 in total). He really only needs a touch of luck to be there when the whips are cracking. Regal Monarch($15) whilst not in our best bets is a horse with a serious chance on Monday at Randwick this import has had two runs back after a break he is ready to perform, up to his optimum distance and Bowman on board. C.F.ORR stakes is a super race and the GREY FLASH is back lets hope they bet $2.50, Brisbane is always hard this time of year with horses from all over competing but since when has that stopped us. On that note enjoy your weekend and GOOD LUCK to all horsebuck$ followers. HORSEBUCK$

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