Tips 28th January 2017

Brisbane Races
B R 1h1 Shoreham, h2 Fuerza, h4 San Telmo, h5 Maagnatune
B R 2 h3 Alassak, h4 Doubt Defying, h7 Royal Atom, h9 Miss Kindilan
B R 3 h1 Marau Daze, h3 Cornrow,h8 The Amateur, h10 Capetown Hussey
pB R 4 h1 Snitzcraft, h4 Gwapo, h2 Imaginealthepeople,h7 Make My Own Luck
B R 5 h1 Manaya.2 French Jet, h3 Just Orm, h4 The Ambassadore,
B R 6 h2 Walhaan, h3 Arkie, h4 Sentimental Prince, h10 Haradify
B R 7 h1 Sir Moments, h4 Steel Zip, h5 Sky Kingdom, h8 Sold For Song, h19 Bidii Babe
B R 8 h1 Irish Constabulary, h4 Timeless Prince, h5 Divine Service, h10 Colour Charge, h13 Oberland
Sydney Races
S R 1 h1 Menari, h2 Showtime, 5 Hualalai, h6 Pariah
S R 2 h1 Teaspoon, h4 Milanese girl, h9 Boorooj, h10 Divine Messenger
S R 3 h1 Dances On Stars, h3 Cauthen’s Power, h4 Dylans Rojo,
S R 4 h6 Ruthless Agent, h8 Eagles Dare, h11 Madame De Ban, h15 Dalmatia Prince
S R 5h2 Echo Effect, h5 Nepean, h6 The Pharoah, h7 Austrliana,
S R 6 h1 Music Magnate, h3 Ball Of Muscle, h4 Big Money
S R 7 h3 Vassal, 4 Sewreel, h7 Embley, h8 The Rumour File
S R 8 h5 Scarlet Rain, h2 Grande Punto, h3 Hurrara, h8 Pindan Pearl
S R 9 h1 Sezanne, h3 Your Way, h9 Atom Eve, h10 Mariquita
Melbourne Races
M R 1 h1 Jennifer Lyynn, h2 Pearl Congenial, h4 Navagio, h5 Haafra Head
M R 2 h10 Gingie, h3 Cruising Speed, h6 Cat’s Wish, h7 New Summer Night
M R 3 h4 Widgee Turf, h2 Oak Door, h5 Mr Sneaky, h6 Toorak Cowboy
M R 4 h1 Aurum Spirit, h5 Hokkaido,h10 Jest For The Road, h12 Portman
M R 5 h1 Extra Zero, h5 Swacadelic, h6 Kourkram, h7 Flying Light
M R 6 h2 Barthelona, h3 Capannello. h7 Land Of Plenty, h15 Fuhryk
M R 7 h2 Tavaci, h3 Churchill Dancer, h4 Hellbent,h6 Kayjays Joy h9 Super Fun
M R 8 h1 Entre Nous, h5 Bradman, h6 Dubio, h9 Shockaholic
M R 9h2 Golden Mane, h4 London Fog, 7 Gervais, h10 Hennybodys

SR8 H6 Scarlet Rain, MR3 H4 Widgee Turf, MR6 H2 Barthelona

BR7 H1 Sir Moments

BR3 H1 Marau Daze, MR2 H10 Gingie

Sunshine Coast Good Track; Rosehill Good Track; Flemington Good Track; Best Bets; SR8 Scarlet Rain($6) was a high class two year old her only failure was the Golden Slipper, but she had issues. She is a natural leader and has had three barrier trials leading into this, drawn beautifully for her first up assignment and T. Clark will ride her a peach, we expect her to be in overdrive at the 100m and prove too good. Flemington race 3 Widgee Turf($2.90) has a nice weight turnaround of 2.5kgs. on Oak Door who will be highballing it up on the speed while Widgee Turf will be sitting back waiting to pounce at the distance, which he will, done and dusted. They say when something looks too good to be true it usually is, well not in this case Barthelona($5.50) in race 6 at Flemington has a massive weight swing(4.5k) on Capannello (quinella), he is a quality racehorse who will be steaming home over the top of them. Best Eachway; race 7 Sunny Coast, Sir Moments($7) this bloke goes off at his third run in he was on ly beaten 1.4 L last start in a tough race at the Gold Coast. He is a good horse with a good horses weight, but that won‘t stop him, this is his best distance and he likes the track. He will get back and with clear running down the big open spaces of this course, expect him to be there when the whips are cracking. Best Longshots; we have two today race 3 at Sunny Coast Marau Daze this horse was $101 last night, we think this is way over the odds. He goes up some 8kilos on his last two runs, but this bloke just doesn’t perform 1st or 2nd up, third run in is his go. They have engaged a senior rider in Glen Colless and the big bonus is he loves this track and distance, we don‘t want any rain though, he is ridden up or ridden back whatever, lets hope he is in the finish at stumps. Our other longshot is in Flemington race 2 Gingie($34) she will get back is always running on, down to a winnable weight here in 52kgs and she is well weighted around some of her more fancied rivals, she could be chiming in at the right time. Peacock in last night’s Australia Stakes was turning over nicely at the finish, he is a beautiful Lonhro colt and lets keep an eye out for him in some of the better races this Autumn. Today is a super hard day in all states but that is the way we like it, makes for better odds, we think we have nailed a couple in our Best of, and lets hope the exotics flow freely. One from left field before we go Gold Coast race 5, the track will be heavy there today and Florida Fellow is a chance here, he has 1kilo over the limit and relishes heavy tracks (7 runners) he might be worth a play at the $26 on offer. On that note we hope everyone has a great weekend and GOOD LUCK to all horsebuck$ followers. HORSEBUCK$

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