Tips 14th January 2017

Brisbane Races
B R 11.h15 Husson Boots 2. h11 Zafina 3. h3 Dortmund 4. h1 Hashtag Hero
B R 2 1.h3 Queen Tara 2. h6 Red Scarlet 3. h1 Irish Constabulary 4. h7 Upstart
B R 3 1.h5 Madotti 2. H4 Pepperano 3. h2 Jumbo Prince 4. h8 Glendara
B R 4 1h3 Boom Time 2. h5 Feltre 3. h4 Col ‘n’ Lil 4. h1 Stratum Star
B R 5 1.h12 Dee Nine Elle 2. h6 Kinshachi 3. h4 Hijack Hussey 4. h2 I Am Zelady
B R 6 1.h7 Snippets Land 2. h5 Sir Moments 3. h2 Most Important 4. h10 Snoopy
B R 7 1.h1 Winning Rupert 2. h9 Eckstein 3. h2 Global Glamour 4. h6 Arbeitsam
B R 8 1.h11 Houtzen 2. h1 Ours To Keep 3. h4 Chauffeur 4. h16 Cellargirl
BR9 1. h4 Target In Sight 2. h14 Hidden Pearl 3. h2 Dothraki 4.( h10 Le Cordon Bleu, h17 War Jet )
Sydney Races
S R 1 1.h1 Taking Aim 2. h2 Menari 3. h4 Newburgh 4. h5 Piracy
S R 2 1. h5 Modha 2. h1 Butterboom 3. h4 Raiment 4. h2 Sangiovese
S R 3 1.h10 Pumpkin Pie 2. h1 Improvement 3. h4 Treviso 4. h7 Ghostly
S R 4 1.h10 Zuzzudio 2. h11 Mar Nero 3. h4 Lélu 4.h5 Van Halenc
S R 51. h5 Harada Bay
S R 6 1.h4 Thewaywewere 2. h3 Trafalgar 3. h2 Burning Energy 4. h6 Hardern
S R 7 1.h4 Sabino Speed 2, h13 Louie Sea Kay 3. h5 Careless 4. h7 Tower of Song
S R 8 1.h8 Badajoz 2. h10 Wonderbolt 3. h1 Top Striker 4. h14 Jetello
S R 9 1.h4 Classic Uniform 2. h7 Chestnut Road 3. h5 Hand From Above 4. h3 Francesco
Melbourne Races
M R 1 1. h1 Widgee Turf 2. h3 Emptor 3. h2 Oak Door 4. h5 Fudged
M R 2 1.h3 Vandancer 2. h2 Honey Cara 3. h1 Hell Or Highwater 4. h7 Aurora Miss
M R 3 1h1 Vital Importance 2. h5 Ma Jones 3. h3 Princess Arrow 4.h8 Essence Of Terror
M R 4 1.h2 Invincible Al 2. h1 Barthelona 3. h4 Capannello4. h3 If Not Now When
M R 5 1. h3 General Truce 2. h8 Super Fun 3. h9 Rock ‘N’ Gold 4. h2 Divine Ten
M R 6 1. h6 Oncidium Ruler 2. h2 Hale Soriano 3. h8 Renew 4. h1 Lucky Lucky Lucky
M R 7 1.h2 Lord Aspen 2. h8 Divine Mr. Artie 3. h5 Sold For Song 4. h9 Zupercharged
M R 8 1. h5 Flying Light 2. h7 Kourkam 3. h1 Master Of Arts 4. h12 Prima
M R 91.h8 Rich Charm 2. h7 Domesday Warrior 3. h13 Gangnam Style 4. h14 Tyrannize

SR 9 H4 Classic Uniform, MR8 H5 Flying Light

BR5 H12 Dee Nine Elle, MR9 H8 Rich Charm

BR6 H7 Snippets Land

GOLD COAST track good, RANDWICK track good, FLEMINGTON track good. Race 9 at Randwick Classic Uniform, this horse has some serious form lines, third behind subsequent winners Cabeza de Vaca and King Darci after a torrid run at his last start is a great pointer for this. Today he is perfectly drawn to get a beautiful run, drops 2.5kgs on his last start (class record) and in the same grade (BM78) he is an outstanding chance. Flying Light Flemington race 8 has drawn ideally gate 1 for his style of racing, Kourkam and Prima both meet him better at the weights, but he is low flying at the moment and is up only one kilo or one kilo over the limit, same grade ($4.60) great value, the rest will have to dig deep to overhaul him GOOD LUCK WITH THAT. Each way ; Dee Nine Elle ($21) race 5 Gold Coast, this mare is ultra consistent she relishes this distance and performs third up, she is a natural leader which would be ideal from her gate. We are under no illusions that this a very strong race with lots of chances, but if this mare can get a break on them down the straight, she will be hard to run down, also remember this track should be super slick today. Rich Charm Flemington race 9 ($6.50) this fellow really likes the straight here, he will sit just off them and be steaming home late and grab them in the shadows, perfect scenario ? lets hope so. Our Longshot is Snippets Land ($15) in another tough affair, this fellow races well here and he is nicely weighted, might just race closer like he did last start, if not he can race back in the field he does possess a powerful finish, either way he is a solid chance. The Magic Millions at the Goldy is a super programme with lots of chances in every race, with the emphasis on a super slick track, so leaders will be highballing and times could be anything. I would think Winning Rupert will run some time as his last 600 is always quick, exciting horse. There could be some big exotic divis there today lets hope horsebuck$ followers share in it. We hope to have results all over and on that note have a great weekend and GOOD LUCK to all horsebuck$ followers. HORSEBUCK$

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