Tips 31st December 2016

Brisbane Races
B R 11.h5 French Hustler 2. h4 Rosie Rosie 3. h1 Cornrow 4. h7 I Am The Sculptor
B R 2 1. h2 Feltre 2. h1 High Church 3. h5 Anton En Avant 4. h10 Rock On Ivy
B R 3 1. h3 Casual Choice 2. h1 Into The Red 3. h5 Prompt Return 4. H8 Viddora
B R 4 1.h1 Winning Rupert 2. h11 Tiyatraloni 3. h3 Billy The Kid 4. h7 Candika
B R 5 1.h10 Real Princess 2. h1 Ours To Keep 3. h2 Bring It Home Pop 4. h7 Coorg
B R 6 1.h6 Too Good To Refuse 2. h3 Most Important 3. h8 Trubia 4. h1 Sir Moments
B R 7 1.h5 Cylinder Beach 2. h7 Man Of His Word 3. h9 Mr. Epic 4. h1 Hopfgarten
B R 8 1. h2 Global Glamour 2. h16 Secret Trail 3. h5 Sold For Song 4. h18 Bidii Babe
Sydney Races
S R 1 1.h1 Chaffeur 2. h3 All Too Huiying 3. h10 From Within 4. h4 Invader
S R 2 1.h2 Super Too 2. h1 Weatherly 2. h3 Fanning 4.h7 Spending To Win
S R 3 1. h9 Bold Carlota 2. h4 Improvement 3. h3 My True Love 4. h1 Miss Wonderful
S R 4 1. h3 Free Standing 2. h Atom Eve 3. h11 Tiger By The Tale 4. h13 Dalmatia Prince
S R 51.h3 Unbiased 2. h2 Admiral Jello 3. h10 Promas 4. h9 Tradtri
S R 6 1. h4 Loyalty Man 2. hh6 Duca Valentinois 3. h7 Himalaya Dream 4. h5 All Cerise
S R 7 1. h1 Ball Of Muscle 2. h2 Big Money 3. h6 Flippant 4. h8 Sirbible
S R 8 1. h1 War Jet 2. h15 Mediterranean 3. h11 Noble Joey 4. h12 Bogie
S R 9 1. h13 Raiment 2. h6 In Her Time 3. h10 Shahrazad 4. h1 Frill Seeking
Melbourne Races
M R 1 1.h13 Tulip 2. h1 Kid Flash 3. h9 Pure Emotion 4. h3 Prevailing Winds
M R 2 1. h14 Witches 2. h3 Giroux 3.h5 Millinery 4. h1 Crystal Fountain
M R 3 1.h3 Appalachian Annie 2. h8 Chat To Maggie 3. h7 Definia 4. h9 Gangnam Style
M R 4 1h13 Galaxy Raider 2. h1 London Fog 3. h7 Prima 4. h9 Get The Picture
M R 5 1.h2 Gratwick 2. h8 Fuhryk 3. h10 Princess Of Queens 4. h1 Widgee Turf
M R 6 1. h1 Kievann 2. h5 Stellar Collision 3. h11 Roman Fizz 4. h6 Armada
M R 7 1. h3 Anatola 2. h7 Sallanches 3. h1 Go Down 4. h2 Pantheress
M R 8 1.h3 Beau Rada 2. h4 Grane 3. h9 Olivier 3. h12 Sunday Escape 4. 6 Bullpit

BR3 H3 Casual Choice, MR8 H3 Beau Rada

BR5 H10 Real Princess, SR6 H4 Loyalty Man,MR3 H3 Appalachian Annie

SR8 H1 War Jet

Eagle Farm,Canterbury and Moonee Valley all good tracks. Best Bets; Casual Choice wasn‘t far away first run back from a spell when he had to duck back to the inside and ran on gamely. We envisage him getting a beautiful run just behind the speed from his gate , we think he will relish the big stretch at Eagle Farm and pounce at the 200m and it just might be game ,set and match. Beau Rada at Moonee Valley, very good run last start at a course he doesn’t like, he thrives here, loves the distance, he will be steaming home over the top of them Happy New Year . Real Princess we have documented this filly previously about her last run, she gets her chance here from the good gate albeit a much stronger field but seeing is believing and at $21 each way all day. Loyalty Man is just that a most consistent horse and in a race that is devoid of chances we think his quote ($11) is amazing. Appalachian Annie she ticks a lot of boxes here, track,distance and first up all ticks, the track must be rated good though. Also nicely weighted with 58kgs after the claim in this grade, they might even take it up instead of taking a sit there will be lots of disappoinment all round if she is not there when the whips are cracking. War Jet at Canterbury is our longshot we think he deserves a bit more respect in the market than his current quote, he races well fresh loves the distance and handles all conditions and is beautifully weighted with 56.5kgs after the claim, in this grade. He might just race a tad closer than normal while fresh lets hope he stays $41. We have been going great with all our exotics of late lets hope we can start the new year off with a bang. From everybody here at horsebuck$ have a great night bringing in the new year and may 2017 be a happy and prosperous one for everyone. HAPPY NEW YEAR and GOOD LUCK to all horsebuck$ followers. HORSEBUCK$

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