Tips 17th December 2016

Brisbane Races
B R 11h1 Despatch 2. h4 Ours To Keep 3. h3 Arrestar 4. h11 Luna Missile
B R 2 1h2 Real Princess 2. h1 Dream Kisses 3. h12 We Have Lift Off 4. h3 Champs Elect
B R 3 1. h1 Winning Rupert 2. h3 Beloso 3. h11 Rare Occurrence 4.h 8 Gold Denari
B R 4 1. h13 Double Superlative 2.h1 Cheval Le Vent 3. h7 Say You Love Me 3. h8 Sugar Hit
B R 5 1. h3 Cylinder Beach 2. h 2 Sweet Redempion 3. h8 Mr. Epic 4. h1 Frespanol
B R 6 1. h4 La Spiaggia 2. h10 Emphasis 3. h7 Saga Miss 4. h8 Dream Finnish
B R 7 1.h7 Too Good To Refuse 2. h3 Miss Cover Girl 3. h4 Most Important 4. h9 Lucky Tom
B R 8 1. h1 Casual Choice 2. h5 Hard Stride 3. h10 Sporting Page 4. h13 Upstart Pride
Sydney Races
S R 1 1. h15 Isla Tristana 2. h8 Trades Hall 3. h5 Free Standing 4. h6 Mr. Bonjove
S R 2 1. h1 Moher 2. h13 More Than Fabulous 3. h6 Metalic Crown 4. h10 Unbiased
S R 3 1.6 Serena Bay 2. h8 She Will Reign 3. h7 Sebring Express 4. h2 Calligrapher
S R 4 1. h15 Kinshachi 2. h5 Hetty Heights 3. h8 Upscale 4. h12 Tree Of Jesse
S R 51.h7 Soviet Courage 2. h2 Beyond Thankful 3. h1 Index Linked 4. h3 Destiny’s Kiss
S R 6 1. h5 Calanda 2. h11 Super Too 3. h15 Miss Debutante 4. h13 Geneteau
S R 7 1. h6 Rudy 2. h7 Fabrizio 3.h11 Haazzabeel 4. h14 Sense Of Occasion
S R 8 1. h8 Inz ‘n’Out 2. h3 Kuro 3. h2 Shiraz 4. h10 Sirbible
S R 9 1.h13 Zaunkonig 2. h4 Sabino Speed 3. 8 Quick Defence 4. h12 Snitzel Knight
Melbourne Races
M R 1 1.h1 American Genius 2. h6 Totten 3. h5 Regal Embrace 4. h3 King’s Authority
M R 2 1. h2 Mossbeat 2. h1 Hijack Hussey 3. h6 Jacqui’s Joy 4 h4 Feelin The Love
M R 3 1.h2 Ponte Roma 2. h1 Miss Wonderland 3. h 6 Millinery
M R 4 1.h1 Snitzson 2. h2 Ballet Master 3. h8 Gruosi 4 h11 Atlanta Express
M R 5 1.h3 Boom Time 2. h 1 Puccini 3. h2 Lord Van Percy
M R 6 1h12 Runsati 2. h4 Odyssey Moon 3. h13 Sunday Escape 4. h1 General Truce
M R 7 1.h10 Gallic Chieftan 2. h13 Prima 3. h7 London Fog 4.( h1 Doctor Care,h11 Flying Light)
M R 8 1. h1 Kenjorwood 2. h3 Mihany 3. h9 Un De Sceaux4. h7 Loyalty Man
M R 9 1. h6 Roman Fizz 2. h1 Stellar Collision 3. h4 Bon Rocket 4. h10 Wolf Cry

  BR5 H3 Cylinder Beach, SR2 H1 Moher, MR 2 H2 Mossbeat

 BR4 H13 Double Superlative, SR7 H6 Rudy

 BR6 H4 La Spiaggia, MR9 H6 Roman Fizz

Doomben GOOD, Randwick HEAVY, Flemington GOOD. Best Bets Cylinder Beach race 5 Doomben this horse does his best racing the first two runs of his prep. There is plenty of speed in this race which will suit him and dropping back from from Listed grade to a Quality the 56.5kgs won’t bother him he will be steaming home. Randwick race 2 Moher dropping back slightly in grade and carrying less weight , he could lead or possie up behind Metallic Crown either way he will be right there when it counts. Flemington race 2 Mossbeat she has a poor win strike rate but she is weighted to really perform here, if she can get a nice cuddle up behind the speed we expect her to be right in the finish. Best each way Double Superlative Doomben race 4 he is a promising three year old and ran a great race behind Winning Rupert last start great record here at track and distance. This is a very moderate class 3 and he looks a class above them. Very good each way chance. Randwick race 7 Rudy he has been racing well and building nicely with big weights in Brisbane. Remember this horse loves to strut his stuff when the tracks get wet and has great 3rd up record and likes the track and distance he wiil be steaming home late, won this race two years ago and is a great chance at super odds. Best Longshots Doomben race 6 La Spiaggia this horse will get a beautiful run here just on the pace, back up to his best distance and drops 2 kilos he will be there when the whips are cracking and at $16 a bonus. Roman Fizz race 9 Flemington good win last start at the Valley and drops 2kegs he could lead or possie up and he beat Ozi Choice last start who has won since. A super chance at very good odds. Big fields everwhere chock full of chances and plenty of value to be had and we think we have labelled a few. As usual plenty of action for the exotic players and in the new year we will be placing a whole lot of emphasis on the Quaddies and changing our format to suit. We hope everyone has a great weekend and GOOD LUCKto all horsebuck$ followers. HORSEBUCK$

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