Tips 10th December 2016

Brisbane Races
B R 11.h8 Shanakee 2. h3 Rock On Ivy 3. h6 Charlie Royale
B R 2 1.h5 Colosimo 2. h1 Bold Kingston 3. h8 Serious Doubts 4. h2 Mishani Bullitt
B R 3 1h3 Volpino 2. h2 No Animosity 3. h4 Benfica Princess 4. h9 Smart Devil
B R 4 1h7 Beckoning Light 2. h3 Better Hand 3. h6 Monster Of Energy 4. h4 Big Decision
B R 5 1. h5 San Telmo 2. h16 Wicked Trilogy 3. h3 Mono Lad 4. h12 Madame De Ban
B R 6 1. h15 Bidii8 Babe 2. h11 Fiery Heights 3. h16 Outback Saga 4. h9 Stella Ombre
B R 7 1. h6 Tiyatraloni 2. h3 Nicconi Leggera3. h7 Suspenders 4. ( h4 River Racer, h5 Eckstein)
B R 8 1h1 Elegant Composure 2. h5 Cruising Speed 3. h3 Ravi 4. h9 Notonyourlife
BR91.h6 Mr. Epic 2. h8 Lordag 3. h11 Panno Rossa 4. h10 LÉntrcote
Sydney Races
S R 1 1. h4 Chaffeur 2. h5 Coorg 3. h1 All too Huing 4. h6 Falconic
S R 2 1. h1 Zumberlina 2. h2 Cadogan 4. h3 Achi Baba
S R 3 1.h4 The Nickster 2. h2 Bills A Goodie 3. h11 Backless
S R 4 1h1 Alart 2. h2 Girl Sunday 3. h10 Pepperberry 4. h4 Distraught
S R 51. h2 Estaminet 2. h11 Lady Jivago 3. h3 Vollier 4. h13 Magnajoy
S R 6 1.h6 Shalmanaser 2. h8 Hunter Jack 3. h2 Multifacets 4. h7 Der Meister
S R 7 1h8 Painte 2. h3 High Midnight 3. h4 Believe Yourself 4. h11 Reincarnate
S R 8 1h3 Final Decision 2. h2 Classic Uniform 3. h14 Most Exalted 4. ( h7 Unbiased, h8 Wine “N’Dine )
S R 9 1. h7 Hand From Above 2. h13 Louie Sea Ray 3. h 14 Our Littleracketeer 4. h11 What Could Be
Melbourne Races
M R 1 1.h4 Deja Blue 2. h1 Lyuba 3. h6 Euston Road
M R 2 1. h8 First Amendment 3. h2 Galaxy Raider 4. h5 On Wings
M R 3 1.h4 Tavi Bay 2. h6 Lopartega 3. h9 Firebird Flyer 4. h10 Loveitt
M R 4 1.4 King’s Command 2. h2 Kievann 3. h10 Not A Happy Camper 4. h7 Divine Mr. Artie
M R 5 1.h3 Goathland 2. h2 Clarlevoix 3. h5 Big Hammer
M R 6 1.h1 Invincible Al 2. h3 Khaki 3. h7 Southern Spur 4. h6 Ridgway
M R 7 1.h6 Metaphorical 2. h2 Master Of Arts 3. h3 Tashbeeh 4. (h 4 Rough Justice, h10 Majestic Duke)
M R 8 1h8 Dodging Bullets 2. h3 Black Sheep 3. h6 Lord Lumberjack 4. h2 Lucky Paddy
M R 9 1h3 Take Pride 2. h6 Brown Ben 3. h4 Bradman 4. h13 Ma Deuce

BR7 H6 Tiyatraloni, SR5 H2 Estaminet, MR5 H3 Goathland

BR6 H15 Bidii Babe, SR7 H8 Painte, MR8 H8 Dodging Bullets

SR8 H3 Final Decision

Eagle Farm soft, Rosehill good and Flemington a good track. Best Bets: Eagle Farm race 6 Bidii Babe, has been freshened since her last run when she was tightened for room at the 50m. She comes back to a track she loves (3 from 3) and the distance perfect, she has some really good form lines going through the likes of Stella Ombre and Most Important(group winner last start). Handles all conditions and she will get back from her wide gate but ready to pounce at the 200m. Very hard to beat. Rosehill race 5 Estaminet this mare is ultra consistent, she is beautifully weighted in this race with the claim of in form apprentice N. Heywood. She will be right up on the speed from this gate,handles all conditions she might just prove a little too good. Flemington race 5 Goathland this bloke will be super hard to beat with 56kgs he will sit just off the speed 2500m perfect for him now, it will be surprises all round if he is not in the finish. Best Eachway: Rosehill race7 Painte has a winnable weight here with 54kgs ,there is a fair bit of speed in this race which will suit this bloke sitting mid field and let loose half way up the straight and the $8 is a bonus giddyup! Flemington race 8 Dodging Bullets, provided he doesn‘t get posted wide here like his last two runs, he ticks a lot of boxes here and on the limit he will be super hard to beat. Best Longshot; it’s like a trip back in time when T.J. Bart and C.S.Hayes would use in form apprentices who can still claim, you guessed it N. Heywood is on this one too, Final Decision. We think you will see a very different horse than last start, does like to settle back and has been racing in this grade for a while now, but he definitely has a winnable weight here, he just might be there when the whips are cracking. Don’t forget Tiyatrolani we had her as our best last week but her race was washed out be ready for her today. All in all a good days racing lets hope we can snare a quaddie on that note have a great weekend and GOOD LUCK to all HORSEBUCK$ followers.

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