Tips 3rd December 2016

Brisbane Races
B R 11.h1 Emerald City 2. h5 Pop ‘N’ Scotch 3.h4 Meteorologist 4 h2 Anton En Avant
B R 2 1.h8 Dream Kisses 2. h10 Pins For Arrows 3. h1 Bring It Home Pop 4. h9 I Am Venus
B R 3 1.h10 Rocbolt 2. h7 Dream Finnish 3. h9 Speedy Gonzales 4 h4 Abu Ben Adam
B R 4 1.h6 Saga Miss 2. h12 Snapper 3. h9 Lord Coconuts 4. h10 Sahara Siren
B R 5 1. h1 Winning Rupert 2. h5 Belroso 3. h4 Another Slipper 4.h9 Crazy Pops
B R 6 1h1 Heart Of A Warrior2. h5 Man Of His Word 3. h7 Fuerza4. h6 Beckoning Light
B R 7 1h2 Brooklyn Storm 2. h4 Jomar’s Element3. h10 El Greco 4. h5 Patronizing
B R 8 1. h1 Big Money 2. h3 Into The Red 3. h4 Miss Cover Girl 4.h2 That’s A Good Idea
BR91. h6 Tiyatrolani 2. h3 Nicconi Leggera 3. h7 Suspenders 4. h5 Eckstein
Sydney Races
S R 1 1h3 Pymble 2. h4 Trekking 3. h2 Gaulois 4. h1 Goodfella
S R 2 1. h5 Pipeline 2. h3 Brulee 3. h6 Bratislava 4.h10 Cudabeen
S R 3 1.h8 Under The Eaves 2. h4 Oakfield Time3. h13 Isla Tristana
S R 4 1.h3 Harlem Lady 2. h1 Imposing Lass 3. h4 Dee Nine Elle 4. h2 Hetty Heights
S R 51h12 Salmanazar 2.h2 Reincarnate 3.h3 Avonaco 4. h8 Isorich
S R 6 1.h9 Supreme Effort 2. h1 Shiraz 3. h4 Husson Eagle 4.h 5 Kuro
S R 7 1.h10 Falkenberg 2. h4 Malice 3. h1 Mighty Lucky 4. h9 Iggy Pop
S R 8 1.h4 Red Excitement 2. h6 Religify 3. h7 Marenostro 4. h1 Amavatio
S R 9 1. h3 Cauthens Power 2. h8 Sir Plush 3. h6 Col ‘N’ Lil 4. h1 Duca Valentinois
Melbourne Races
M R 1 1.h1 Wise Hero 2. h2 Liberty Song 3. h8 Divertente 4. h7 Sergovia
M R 2 1.h3 Gallant Harmony 2. h5 Smart Dart 3. h7 Bob Of The Head 4. h1 The Bowler
M R 3 1. h1 Big Reel 2. h5 Spirit Or Lager 3. h6 A Private Party 4. h8 Tykiato
M R 4 1. h3 Feelin The Love 2. h5 Cheeky Babe 3. h4 Az Given 4. h9 Maternal
M R 5 1.13 Atlantic Express 2. h1 Urban Ruler 3. h5 Green Patina 4. hh11 Rock”N ‘Roll
M R 6 1.h2 Mihany 2. h1 Kenjorwood 3. h4 Salisan 4. h5 Petrology
M R 7 1.h1 Puccini 2.h6 Swacadelic 3. h7 Little White Cloud 4. h9 Crafty Cruiser
M R 8 1.h3 Dan Zephyr 2. h5 Lucky Liberty 3. h8 Septamore 4. h9 Schneller
M R 9 1.h12 Delightful Son 2. h5 Palmera Lad 3. h1 Sir Laszlo 4. h8 Gaelic Chieftan

BR9 H6 Tiyatraloni, SR6 H9 Supreme Effort, MR2 H3 Gallant Harmony

BR 8 H1 Big Money, MR7 H1 Puccini

MR5 H13 Atlantic Express, MR9 H12 Delightful Son

Form for all venues Good Tracks. Best Bets; Eagle Farm race 9 Tiyatrolani, this is a very good filly, we know she can take it up if need be but think she will take a sit like last start especially from her good gate. J. Byrne has this filly worked out, she has a slight weight advantage over some of the key runners she beat last start. Make no mistake this is a pretty good field of fillies, hence the great price. Rosehill race 6 Supreme Effort a very fit racehorse we are hoping it is a speedfest up front, this fellow can come home at a rate of knots if it is. He is down on the limit this time and we expect him to be there when they get serious. Packenham race 2 Gallant Harmony won really well last start all beit on a leader friendly track. What won him the race was his light weight, he has half a kilo less this time. He ticks all the boxes, track,distance,good track and no weight lets hope he stays $2.80. Best each way Eagle Farm race 8 Big Money will be extremely hard to beat fresh, he is a quality horse who has raced at this level for a long period, so the old saying when the going gets tough,the tough get going. This could be a good quinella race with Into The Red. Packenham race 7 Puccini, I know he hasn’t won for a while but his run at Ballarat last start was very good. His new trainer has him racing consistently this time in ,as this is not a strong cup field, even with 60kgs expect him to be there when the whips are cracking. Best longshots Packenham race 5 Atlantic Express, won very well last start has raced well here at only start here and distance suits, tends to get back but he might take up a more forward position here just behind the leaders and peel off their backs on the turn. If he is in front with 200m to go watch out and at $21. The last race at Packenham Delightful Son this horse had absolutely no luck at his last run sitting 3 and 4 deep the entire journey, a torrid run indeed. Provided he has taken no harm from the experience he should figure. He does like to race handy and from his gate should possie up, does race well here and with only 52.5kgs he just might take it up. Three very good meetings and as usual lots of chances but we might have snared a couple at decent odds. Have a good weekend and good luck to all horsebuck$ followers. HORSEBUCK$

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