Tips 19th November 2016

Brisbane Races
B R 11.h1 Emerald City 2. h2 Another Charger 3. h4 Pop ‘N’ Scotch 4.h 5 Meteorologist
B R 2 1.h5 Catalina Miss 2. h10 Pins and Arrows 3 h11 Sista Act 4. h4 Make You Smile
B R 3 1.h1 Sundance 2. h4 Sir Donald 3. h11 Starcourt 4. h3 Endless Days
B R 4 1.h1 Nicconi Leggera 2. h6 Beaudacious 3. h 7 Ice Frost 4. h2 Rare Occurrence
B R 5 1.h7 In His Stride 2. h6 Brooklyn Storm 3. h10 Sheiswhatsheis 4. h8 Monster of Energy
B R 6 1.h1 Be the Magic 2. h12 Sarajevo 3. hh3 Fiery Heights 4. h15 Desert Man
B R 7 1.h1 Didntcostalot 2. h2 Rocket to Glory 3. h3 Coolring 4. h6 Sony Legend
B R 8 1.h5 Heart of a Warrior 2. h9 Better Land 3.h10 Brettan 4. h6 Mr. Jetset
BR91. h10 Lord Coconuts 2. h2 LÉntrecote 3. h11 Privlaka 4. h16 SagaMiss
Sydney Races
S R 1 1h2 Palladian 2.h 3 Gibraltar Girl 3. h4 Lubiton 4. h7 Mega Mall
S R 2 1h3 Cottage 2. h4 Girl Sunday 3. h9 Dgny 4.h10 Air Apparent
S R 3 1.h1 Thelittleracketeer 2.h10 Oakfield Time 3.h8 Touch Sensitive 4.h2 Madam Fran
S R 4 1.h1 Hernes Oak 2. hh6 The Bull 3.h4 Eschiele 4. h12 Avroson
S R 51.h3 Supreme Effort 2. h1 Kuro 3.h6 Le Cordon Bleu 4.h4 Whiskey Allround
S R 6 1.h5 Malice 2.h11 Falkenberg 3.h12 New Tipperary 4.h4 Destiny’s Kiss
S R 7 1h2 Red Excitement 2.h3 Marenostro 3.h5 Religify 4. h1 Ninth Legion
S R 8 1h12 Choice We Had 2. h11 Well Hardly Ever 3. h14 Kadinsky 4. h1 Metallic Crown
S R 9 1.h13 Salmanazar 2. h9 Quantrill 3. h12 Lycia 4. h5 isorich
Melbourne Races
M R 1 1. h2 Cheeky Bbe 2.h3 Entancing 3.h5 Diamond Baroness 4. h1 Sea Spray
M R 2 1.h1 Mighty Like 2. h2 It is Written 3. h5 Gallant Harmony 4.h3 Believe Yourself
M R 3 1.h3 Urban Ruler 2.h 7 Mr. Tickler 3.h1 Valliano 4. h4 Gratwick
M R 4 1.h1 American Genius 2. h3 Algorithm 3. h9 Artstrum 4.h7 Nistaan
M R 5 1.h7 Our Boy Charlie 2.h10 Denpasar 3.h8 Life’s Zerprise 4. h2 Shockholic
M R 6 1.h4 Chapel Road 2. h10 Punt Club 3. h3 Ma Deuce 4. h9 Stride Out
M R 7 1.h1 Golden Spin 2.h4 Highland Beat 3.h3 Secret Agenda 4. h8 Oak Door
M R 8 1h5 Puccini 2. h1 Turnitaround 3.h14 Nozomi 4. h6 Auvray
M R 9 1.h11 Rakti Roulette 2. h4 Tears of Joy 3. hShikarpour 4 h9 I’ll Fly Away
M R 10 1.h2 Gladstone 2. h12 Septamore 3. h9 Dubio 4. h10 Villopoto

 BR9 H10 Lord Coconuts, SR9H13 Salmanazar, MR2 H1 Mighty Like

  SR6 H5 Malice, MR10 H2 Gladstone

BR6 H1 Be The Magic, MR5 H7 Our Boy Charlie

Good tracks today for all venues all form was assessed for these conditions. Best bets firstly; Eagle Farm R9 Lord Coconuts the rider of this horse last start looked like the last of the straight backs, he was shuffled back in the field before the turn as Bodega Negra dropped back, then the rider was standing in the irons in the straight looking for runs. He is in form and we expect him to atone in a hard race. Secondly; Rosehill R9 Salmanazar this fellow shows a bit of promise and raced extremely well last prep behind some nice horses, he will get a beautiful run from his barrier, super tough to beat. Thirdly; Ballarat R2 Mighty Like we think this horse is very well weighted with his claim, he has raced against better fields than this expect him to be steaming home. Best each way Rosehill R6 Malice his first up run was very good,sat three wide and sustained a long wide run and still ran third.Ticks a lot of boxes here track ,distance and two wins second up. The two kilo claim might just be the clincher. Ballarat R10 Gladstone led last start at Flemington and still looked a winning chance at the 100m until he got squeezed up just after that,has won second up and if he gets to the front again will be very hard to run down. Be The Magic race six Eagle Farm this horse had a tough run last being 3 and 4 wide entire journey and probably should have run third only for ducking in late in the straight. He is crazy odds. Before we go I hope all Horsebuck$ followers got the trifecta at the Sunshine Coast on Wednesday, it was the Open race washed out from the previous Saturday at Doomben. We had the trifecta in our top four, Frespanol, Jopa, Harada Bay and paid handsomely VIC. $1,118, NSW $980 and QLD $ 671 so we hope there was some joy for Horsebuck$ followers. Another super tough day but we think we might have pin pointed a few, so have a great weekend and good luck to all from HORSEBUCK$

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