Tips 12th November 2016

Brisbane Races
B R 11.h8 Serious Doubts 2. h1 Bel’s Karma 3. h 9 She’s Spicy 4. h6 Deep Lead
B R 2 1.h3 Mister Booze 2. h2 Another Whiskey 3. h5 Lady Jetsetter 4. h12 Natural Dancer
B R 3 1. h4 No Annamossity 2. h6 Smart Devil 3. h10 Victory Street 4. h12 Daunting Lass
B R 4 1. h7 Torbay 2. h4 Flitero 3. h12 Splendid Stryker 4.h2 War Baby
B R 5 1.h1 Léntrecote 2. h3 Dream Finnish 3. h5 Beretta 4. h9 Extrasay
B R 6 1.h3 In His Stride 2. h14 Renesmee 3. h 2 Deitch 4. h15 Windcatcher
B R 7 1. h11 Lordag 2. h4 Jopa 3. h3 Frespanol 4. h9 Harada Bay
B R 8 1.h12 Sheiswhatsheis 2. h16 Themis 3. h5 Zaha’s Ace 4. h1 Cyclone Beach
Sydney Races
S R 1 1.h1 Junglized 2. h3 Epic Rant 3. h4 Groundbreak 4. 7 Veranillo
S R 2 1.h1 Samadoubt 2. h2 Cadogan 3. h4 Zumbelina 4. Vasiliev
S R 3 1.h8 Der Meister 2. h2 Soviet Courage 3. h 4 Pursuit Of Honour
S R 4 1. h1 Buderoo Knight 2. h8 Say You Love Me 3. h12 Dothraki Queen 4. h3 Nic’s Vendetta
S R 51.h3 Moral Victory 2. h1 That’s A good Idea 3. h6 Kudero
S R 6 1. h3 Daysee Doom 2. h2 Alart 3. h4 Yuma Desert 4. h 9 Alpen Rose
S R 7 1.h1 Mr. Gustavo 2. h2 Moher 3. h4 Royal Tudor 4. h3 Darci Be Good
S R 8 1.h3 Cauthen’s Power 2. h10 Il Mio Destino 3. h7 Cana 4. h 1 Burning Passion
S R 9 1. h1 Highly Geared 2. h2 Raphael’s Cat 3. h12 Infra Dig 4. h8 Nieta
Melbourne Races
M R 1 1. h4 Vinland 2. h12 Herrera
M R 2 1.H4 Redkirk Warrior 2. Royal Rapture
M R 3 1.h3 De Little Engine 2. h1 Qewy 3. h5 Murphy’s Delight 4. h7 Tunes
M R 4 1. h6 O’Malley 2. h9 Sunday Escape 3. h3 Husson Eagle 4. h8 Jungle Edge
M R 5 1.h14 Petition 2. h5 Prompt Response 3. h10 Angharad 4. h18 I’ll Decide
M R 6 1.h1 Morton’s Fork 2. h7 Faraway Town 3. h8 Jennifer Lynn 4.h3 Ruthven
M R 7 1.h1 Who Shot Thebarman 2. h8 SoSI Bon 3. h2 Big Orange 4.h3 Almoonquith
M R 8 1.h3 Famous Shamus 2. h4 Illustrious Lad 3. h2 Under The Louvre 4. h9 W’eve Got This
M R 9 1. h8 Tucanchoo 2. h13 Cool Chap 3. h2 Turnitaround 4. h6 Desert Jeuney
M R 10 1. h2 Silent Sedition 2. h6 Metaphorical 3. h10 Sweet Redemption 4. h5 Kimberley Star

SR4 H1 Buderoo Knight, MR4 H6 O’Malley,MR10 H2 Silent Sedition

 BR2 H3 Mister Booze,MR8 H3 Famous Seamus

BR4 H7 Torbay, SR9 H1 Highly Geared

Form done for these conditions today Doomben (good),Rosehill (soft) and Sandown(good). Best bets; Rosehill race 4 Buderoo Knight, this fellow absolutely romped in last start at Kembla and the start before at Randwick he was held up in the straight by the time he was clear the race was virtually over. We envisage him getting a great run behind the leader Gambled, and with a little luck doing a Kembla repeat, so giddyup. At Sandown O‘Malley in race 4, he will get back but there is plenty of toe in this race with Sunday Escape,Jungle Edge and Miss Promiscuity setting it up, which will allow this bloke to unleash down the big Sandown straight , a definite yes from us. Sandown race 10 Silent Sedition this is a very consistent mare and she does like to possie up. She has drawn the car park but at this venue it is not such a fire wall, it is a quality field which should ensure an even better quote, she will be there at the business end. Just an update on Rosehill race 4 Gambled has been scratched so ther is really no natural leader now, just maybe they might lead on the big grey. Best each way; Doomben race 2 Mister Booze in a tough gig, he is a pretty good horse now back in form he should tuck right in behind the leader from this gate, this is his favourite distance and likes the track, it will be surprises all round if he isn’t there when the whips are cracking. Famous Seamus in Sandown race 8 we think his odds are a little inflated now that he is back in form, it is a group 3 but this old bloke has been racing in the top grade for years, we don‘t think he will be leading this field but a little closer than previous, a great each way chance. Best Longshots; Doomben race 4 Torbay, can he beat a last start Rosehill winner, we think he can. This is a very even group of horses and the big the big bonus for this fellow is he has won at the distance, he will get a nice run here, expecting him to surge on the corner and make things very interesting on the line. Highly Geared is fit and has a lot of conditions to suit and with 57.5 k’s expect her young apprentice to get down and ride her right out in the straight, she might just hang on. Big fields in Brisbane, Sandown has some quality gallopers going around to wind up the spring carnival and Rosehill is wet, but that won’t dampen our enthusiasm. So have a great weekend and good luck to all HORSEBUCK$ followers.

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