Tips 29th October 2016

Brisbane Races
B R 11. Balboa Rocks 2. Mola Ram 3. Kubis 4. Spring Tycoon
B R 2 1.Excelebrazione 2. Acceptile 3. Clairvue 4. Porcini
B R 3 1.Banda Spice 2. Abracadash 3. Archytas 4. Apple Thief
B R 4 1. Shamfrancisco 2. Khaleesi 3. Col’N’Lil 4. Sheiswhatsheis
B R 5 1.Mont De Loir 2. Lever Lever 3. Back To Abilene 4. Meteorologist
B R 6 1.Grobelaar 2. Mysterium 3.Saga Miss 4. Unassuming
B R 7 1.One Inch Punch 2. Saluter 3. Punta Notre 4. Mr. Jetset
B R 8 1. Top Tone 2. Man Of His Word 3. Revaldor 4. Desert Man
Sydney Races
S R 1 1.Darhad 2. Champagne Cuddles 3. Lightz 4. Ibanez
S R 2 1. Eckstein 2. Star Of Monsoon 3. Ozark 4. Il Riccio
S R 3 1.Moher 2. Liapari 3. Dreamforce 4. Legendary Luke
S R 4 1. Delightful Feeling 2. Nic’s Vendetta 3. Fuel 4. Joey’s Destiny
S R 51Royal Tudor 2. Unequivocal 3. Asinara 4. Chestnut Road
S R 6 1. Mr. Tagoson 2. Lonely Orphan 3. Hello China 4. Flitero
S R 7 1. Tower Of Song 2, Iggy Pop 3. Electric Fusion 4. Herne’s Oak
S R 8 1. Dixie Chick 2. Yuma Desert 3. In The Vanguard 4. Leami Astray
S R 9 1.Arise Augustus 2. Elemenohpee 3. Alart 4. Esceebee
Melbourne Races
M R 1 1. Hey Doc 2. Morton’s Fork 3. Acatour 4. Bezel
M R 2 1.Alliterate 2. Pretty Punk 3. Bella Sorellastra 4. Tiamo Grace
M R 3 1.Sheidel 2. Palazzo Publicco 3. Super Cash 4. Private Secretary
M R 4 1. Real Love 2. Oceanographer 3. Pentathlon 4. Rose Of Virginia
M R 5 1.Russian Revolution 2. Extreme Choice 3. Astern 4. Star Turn
M R 6 1.First Seal 2. Whispering Brook 3. Don’t Doubt Mama 4. Zanbagh
M R 7 1.Swear 2. Sacred Elixir 3. So Si Bon 4. Prized Icon
M R 8 1.Le Romaine 2. Good Project 3. Seaburge 4. Palentino
M R 9 1.Dothraki 2. We’ve Got This 3. Ball Of Muscle 4. Durendal

 BR1 H1 Balboa Rocks, BR7 H8 One Inch Punch, SR3 H1 Moher,MR6 H2 First Seal

BR2 H1 Excelebrazione, MR5 H6 Russian Revolution, MR8 H5 Le Romaine

MR9 H3 Dothraki, BR8 H1 Top Tone

Eagle Farm,Rosehill and Flemington good tracks. Best Bets; Race one Eagle Farm Balboa Rocks this horse is in great form only goes up half a kilo for last win loves the track he will be steaqming home again. Eagle Farm race 7 One Inch Punch, this horse drops 6kgs in weight and he will get a beautiful run from this draw. He likes the track and excels at this distance we think he will get over the top of them. Moher in Rosehill race 3 he might even take up the running here and with only half a kilo more than he carried last start and dropping in grade he will take some beating. Best each way; Brisbane race 2 Ecelebrazione the only negative with this bloke is his 2kilo weight rise but that will be offset by his beautiful draw he will possie up and might just be too strong at the finish. Russian Revolution in the Coolmore we are expecting him to lead and if he controls the pace and if he does they won‘t catch him. Remember he has beaten Astern and Capitalist who in turn have beaten most of the others,but it is the best line up of three year old colts i have seen for a couple of decades. Le Romaine in the Cantala stakes he is another who will possie up behind the obvious leaders Great Esteem and Good Project and peel off their backs at the 250m and hard to run down from there. He probably wins the Epsom if Fabrizio hadn’t gone lickety split ,he had a nice trail in that but had to go too early and only got done by 1.2l same weight here. Best longshot is our old mate Dothraki i am convinced this his race his third run in loves distance and a bonus he likes the straight at Flemington, I think he will ping at the 100m (not before) and get away with it. Group 2 is about as high as he wants. This is a cracking days racing and every race is chock full of live chances, but remember the cream usually rises to the top. Bondi Beach might just be the one for the CUP. So to all HORSEBUCK$ followers have a good weekend and good luck.

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