Tips 22nd October 2016

Brisbane Races
B R 11Perplexity 2. Denoninator 3. La Spiaggia 4. My Diamantine
B R 2 1. Royal Myth 2. Zinzi 3.Epiction 4. Ask Audrey
B R 3 1. Hard Stride 2. Wicked Intent 3. Prompt Return 4. Charge Missile
B R 4 1. Kaiser Franz 2. Transporter 3. Darci Be Good 4. Trakstar
B R 5 1.Comic Story 2. Nilette 3. Cool Sequence 4. Cornrow
B R 6 1. Beaudacious 2. Tversky 3. Super Suave 4. Spot The Diff
B R 7 1.Bidii Babe 2. Hanwritten 3. Stella Ombre 4. Kalandula
B R 8 1Pera Pera 2. Big Decision 3. Legendary Luke 4. Léntrcote
Sydney Races
S R 1 1. Invincibella 2. Chapelco 3. Miss Ballantine 4. Man From Uncle
S R 2 1Bulls ‘N’ Bears 2. You’re Kidding Me 3. Fifteen Sunflowers 4.Lighthouse
S R 3 1.Nieta 2. Rose Of Man 3. Top Striker 4. Petrossian
S R 4 1Onerous 2. The Storeman 3. Ryker 4. Suspense
S R 51.Mr. Gustavo 2. Lunar Rise 3. Red Excitement 4. Rock For The Ladies
S R 6 1Vassal 2 Tower Of Song 3. Broadside 4. My Giulliano
S R 7 1. Hermosa Beach 2. Sort After 3. Circular 4. Countess Marinov
S R 8 1. Happy Hannah 2. Eschiele 3. Takewing 4. Falkenberg
S R 9 1.Dinghu Mountain 2. Muraqaba 3. Choice We Had 4. Nat King Cu
Melbourne Races
M R 1 1. Luiza 2. Red Zephyr 3. Feng Chu 4. Luqyaa
M R 2 1. O’Malley 2. Jungle Edge 3. Gun Case 4. Felines
M R 3 1. Promp Response 2. Angharad 3. Brulee 4. Zam Zam
M R 4 1. Kens Dream 2. Archives 3. Palladian 4. Dam Ready
M R 5 1.Rocket Commander 2. Lady Le Fay 3. Coronation Shallan 4. Every Faith
M R 6 1. Sezanne 2. Chipanda 3. I Am Star 4. La Luna Rossa
M R 7 1. Royal Rapture 2. He Or She 3. Lidari 4. The United States
M R 8 1. Gallante 2. Authoritarian 3. Who Shot The Barman 4. Excess Knowledge
M R 9 1.Winx 2. Lucia Valentina 3. Hartnell 4. Hauraki
MR101.Prized Icon 2. Sacred Elixir 3. Veladero 4. Whispering Brook

  B R 7 H10 Bidii Babe, SR8 H2 Happy7 Hannah, MR1 H8 Luiza

BR4 H9 Kaiser Franz, SR7 H7 Hermosa Beach, MR5 H2 Rocket Commander

BR6 H4 Beaudacious

Eagle Farm good, Randwick soft, Moonee Valley soft. Best Bets today firstly: Bidii Babe at Eagle Farm this mare is racing extremely well, will get a lovely run from this gate and be ready to pounce at the furlong.This is a hard race which means you should get better odds about this conveyance. Secondly: Happy Hannah at Randwick has a touch of class she usually gets back but might be a touch closer on this track she will be there when the whips are cracking. Third run in ready to fire now and bred to handle the conditions. Thirdly: Normally we don‘t tip two year olds as one of our best bets but we think this filly will be winning drawn a bit wide but she will ping and put herself right in it from the start,bred to swim so soft track won’t worry her. Bowman should be able to get his eye in early. At Eagle Farm Kaiser Franz is a super each way chance nicely placed by Heathcote given a run last start in this class and meets horses out of that race better at the weights, will be there at the finish. Hermosa Beach at Randwick loves wet conditions loves track and distance in a tough race but we expect her to figure. Beaudacious is our longshot for this weekend he will ping and lead and be in it for along way has been racing extremely well at the Gold Coast just might take some catching. The mighty WINX is in action in the Cox Plate i think she will be winning gougudthing have a good weekend and good luck to all HORSEBUCK$ followers.

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